Unfortunately age, accidents, general wear and tear sometimes take their toll on teeth. But with today's advanced materials and technology, we can simply and safely restore problem teeth into a beautiful, natural smile. During your comprehensive check-up, we'll examine any areas of concern, carefully diagnose the underlying problems and outline the right treatment plan for you.

When decay creates a cavity in your teeth, we use tooth-colored fillings to treat the problem. Our procedure includes the use of a special dye to detect all decay prior to restoration.

Crowns and Bridges
A crown is a cover for a tooth weakened by decay or lost fillings. Crowns decrease sensitivity, help prevent further damage to other teeth, and restore a natural looking smile.

Dentures and Partials
Multitudes of people suffer needlessly with ill-fitting dentures. We offer carefully fitted dentures and partials for a proper bite and optimal comfort. Our dentures and partials are designed to be natural looking for a beautiful smile, and with properly aligned teeth to create comfortable chewing.

Root Canal Therapy
Years ago, infected teeth had to be extracted. Today these teeth can be saved with root canal therapy. If you have pain or throbbing when biting, sensitivity to hot or cold foods or an abscess, contact our office immediately. When treated early, root canal therapy is more comfortable and predictable in its outcome.

Children’s Dentistry
It’s a good idea to bring your child in for their first dental visit about 6 months after their primary teeth have erupted, or shortly after their third birthday. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate and prevent any potential oral health and dental problems; and it gives the children a non-threatening dental office experience, complete with stickers, toys and other positive reinforcement.

Dental Sealants
When your child’s first molars appear at age 6, it’s important to protect them with dental sealants. A sealant is a thin protective coating applied to the chewing surfaces of their back teeth. This creates a barrier against entrapping food and bacteria that cause decay.

Wisdom Teeth and Extractions
Badly damaged teeth are typically extracted, because they often are painful and become problematic for long term dental health. Extraction for wisdom teeth is best during the late teen years, as healing is quick and the teeth are generally easier to remove.

Athletic Mouthguards
For all patients requiring protection during athletic competition, we provide custom made athletic mouthguards. Store bought, over-the-counter mouthguards do not fit as well, nor do they provide the necessary protection to help prevent teeth and mouth injuries.

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