Many people want to improve their smile's appearance making their teeth whiter, straighter, or more attractive. With today's materials and techniques, it's truly possible to make long-lasting, natural looking improvements. Our services include everything from simple teeth whitening and bonding, to veneers and orthodontics.

Our whitening process brightens your natural teeth. You can actually control and monitor the rate and degree of whitening with this process. We utilize a user-friendly system which we monitor to help assure a desirable outcome.

Bonding is helpful when a small chip or defect in a tooth is unattractive. It involves placing a tooth-colored resin material on the tooth to make small changes to restore the shape.

We use veneers when the shape or size of the teeth require a larger degree of change. These are custom-made porcelain covers, which are adhered to the tooth to give you a functional, attractive smile.

We work in conjunction with the Orthodontist to determine the appropriate time to begin the orthodontic process. Limited orthodontic treatment with clear aligners can be done in our office. Straightening teeth involves more than just creating beautiful smiles. All children should be evaluated by age 7 to monitor the eruption of permanent teeth and ensure proper growth of the face and jaws. In adolescents and adults, crooked teeth and incorrect bites may seriously affect oral health and aggravate problems with the jaw (TMJ problems). Though most orthodontic patients are under 25 years of age, increasing numbers of adults are choosing orthodontic treatment to improve their looks, function and joint harmony.

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